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We are the Creative Resistance.

Nasty Woman Press was founded on November 9th, 2016, with a simple but powerful thought: empowerment.

Empower people unfamiliar with the protest of and resistance to dangerous authoritarianism. Empower them by building a community to which they could easily belong. Empower them by allowing them to practice their patriotism through doing the things they normally do. Empower them to fight back.

Our mechanism? Publishing. Specifically, publishing anthologies that would offer readers a sense of support and empower those readers just through the act of reading. Anthologies that would offer entertainment and inspiration, hope and commentary, a blend of stories and essays, journalism and narrative, built around a cogent theme.

Each of our anthologies contain work by bestselling and critically-acclaimed writers, as well as new, emerging voices who submit their efforts through a Call for Submission.  From writers and readers to editors, artists, and librarians, members volunteer their skills toward the success of our books, and the profits from the sales of each anthology are directly donated to a non-profit on the front lines of the Resistance. 

Nasty Woman Press began as an idea of community, of coalescence, of positive strength in the wake of an American election with unprecedentedly horrific implications for our country’s legacy of human and civil rights, scientific leadership and social progress. We empower readers, writers, and people of heart and humanity to never give up, never give in; to empower them to resist and persist until liberty and justice for all means exactly that.

Membership is open to all who support these aims. We:


Publish book-length anthologies of fiction and non-fiction and donate the profits to like-minded non-profit organizations.


Empower readers to protest through reading and empower writers to resist by writing, and empower all to unite in a community of Creative Resistance to authoritarianism and the dismantling of civil and human rights.


Encourage fresh, diverse voices in publishing and the silenced to speak out through our Call for Submissions process.


Comfort those facing fear and isolation and give inspiration to those who fight and resist, both through our anthologies and our community of Creative Resistance. 


Each anthology features a unique theme, and each is edited and headlined by critically-acclaimed, bestselling authors, with a significant portion of the book filled by stories, essays and articles selected through a Call for Submission. Membership in Nasty Woman Press is necessary for contributing or submitting work.

The theme of our first anthology is “Nasty Women.” Profits from the sales of this book will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Read More!

For information on how to join, please see Membership.