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Questions and Answers


What exactly is Nasty Woman Press?
Nasty Woman Press is a publisher and a non-profit 501 (c)(4). We publish books and donate the profits from them to other non-profits like Planned Parenthood or the ACLU!
When was Nasty Woman Press founded?
November 9th, 2016.
Why is your organization named Nasty Woman Press? Is it for women only?
We welcome everyone who values civil rights, human rights and the creative spirit. The name in no way reflects any requirement or characterizes our membership. Our organization bears its name as a symbol of the sexism, misogyny and bigotry we combat, and is a direct reference to statements made by Donald Trump.
What kind of non-profits do you donate to?
Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Southern Poverty Law Center are the non-profits we plan to help first. We hope to help many more, including environmental and educational non-profits.


What kinds of books do you publish?
We publish anthologies. Each anthology is written around a unique theme. The books are a mixture of short stories and essays by some of the most successful writers in many genres, new fiction by new, exciting voices who answer our Call for Submissions and whose work is selected by a panel of writers and readers, and non-fiction articles and essays.
What do you mean by “theme” in your anthologies?
The content of our anthologies is united by a theme: a sort of idea that each author will write a story or article around. That theme also reflects the non-profit to whom the profits from that book are being donated. For example, the theme of our first book is “nasty women.” The non-profit who will benefit from sales of the book is Planned Parenthood, an organization famous for its commitment to women’s health.
Do you publish poetry or art?
We encourage submissions of graphic storytelling and hope to include select photography and possibly illustrations in the future. At this time, we are not publishing poetry.
Do your books favor one particular genre over another?
Our first anthology may be weighted toward thrillers, mysteries, and crime fiction because the founder of NWP is a crime fiction author and as of the launch of the site and public announcement of our existence, most of our membership are actively involved in those genres. However, we’re actively looking to broaden those horizons and want to include many other genres, with the goal of one day having individual anthologies consisting of entries from each specific genre as best we can. We welcome all creatives!
How often do you publish your books?
We’re new! So we’re aiming for one book a year, but hoping for more!
How do you select the stories?
About 60-70% of the stories and articles are solicited through invitation. The rest of the stories are chosen from those submitted to Nasty Woman Press through our Call for Submissions, which is open to members only. Our First Tier Readers committee, the Editorial Board and the editor for the particular anthology make the choices for final publication.

Call for Submissions

Can anyone submit a story for publishing consideration?
As long as you are a member, your story has not been published previously, and it meets the requirements for the current Call, you are able to submit. For example, currently we are seeking mystery/crime fiction/thriller short stories. For general information on word length, etc. see Call for Submissions. Upon joining Nasty Woman Press, you will have access to specific details, guidelines, and even editorial help!
Do you offer editorial help for first-time writers?
Submitting a story for publication, even if it’s not the first time you’ve been published, can be a challenge. If our members would like editorial advice before officially submitting their work for consideration, Nasty Woman Press offers a Consulting Editor service, staffed by volunteer professional, published writers. It’s entirely free.
Can you submit at any time?
Our Calls for Submission are built around our publishing deadlines and your work can be submitted before the end of that particular Call. If you miss one, there will be another announced almost immediately. And remember, you must be a member to submit.
Will publishing with Nasty Woman Press qualify me for professional organization membership?
We hope we can make that happen in the future!


Is this organization for women only?
Far from it! It is for all people who cherish human and civil rights, social justice and our precious natural environment. It is for people who want to make a difference with their talent and time, speaking out for the Creative Resistance!
Does membership cost anything?
No! A basic membership is entirely free. There are several levels, depending on how much time and energy you can commit to Nasty Woman Press.
What do members do?
Most of the work of Nasty Woman Press is accomplished by committees of volunteers, drawn from the ranks of professional authors, artists, journalists, photographers, attorneys, editors, critics, librarians, designers, etc. that are our membership. Nasty Woman Press boasts a diverse and powerful group of creative talent, drawn from not just publishing, but from many different professions and fields in both the Arts and Sciences.
What are some examples of committees? 
Most of the publishing work, from editing to formatting to copyediting, is performed by volunteers through their committee work. Our committees fit into two broad categories: those that are related to publishing the anthologies, and those that are related to administering our non-profit corporation.
Can I recruit friends and family?
Absolutely–and we hope you do! We want the Creative Resistance to make a big impact, and the more people we have aboard, the better!
Why do I have to fill out a form to join?
Because we want to make sure that this is a safe environment for the Resistance. This means membership cannot be an automated process: an actual volunteer must read through applications to help make sure that bullies, trolls and the like are excluded.
I’m just a reader–can I join?
We hope you do! And there is no such thing as “just” a reader. Readers are a crucial part of Nasty Woman Press and the Resistance! We have readers on just about every committee. Writers don’t write books in a vacuum–so if you read, we hope you’ll become a member and help support the Creative Resistance!


There are many worthy causes. Why should I donate to Nasty Woman Press?
We are a non-profit that helps other non-profits. Funds enable us to publish and keep publishing, and, in so doing, reach more people in need of comfort and solidarity, give a voice and Resistance platform to writers and artists both established and new, and raise more money for non-profits in the forefront of the Resistance.
Where does the money I contribute go? How does it help?
Nasty Woman Press is a non-profit publisher, and it costs money to publish books. Some of the biggest expenses include printing and distribution. We also want to make sure our contributors are compensated. Advertisement, marketing, and accounting costs are all part of the necessary expenditures for either a non-profit corporation or a publisher–and we’re both! So your money goes to our general fund and helps pay for the production of our anthologies and the continued administration and operation of Nasty Woman Press.