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Membership in Nasty Woman Press is entirely free, and we welcome members from around the world. You must be a member in order to submit a story or article for one of our anthologies. Donations are NOT tax deductible as we are a 501 (c)(4) non-profit corporation.

Please join us—your only requirement is humanity!

How to apply

Just fill out the form on this page! You’ll need to answer two questions and tell us in a sentence or two why you’d like to join. You will then be presented with a brief statement with which to agree and a membership rules box to check.

Thank you, and we hope to see you in the Creative Resistance!

Participatory Memberships
  • Basic Membership. A basic membership is open to all who support our cause. Benefits include participation in our secret Facebook Group.
  • Active Membership. If you contribute work, volunteer for a committee, donate at least $25, or submit through the Call for Submissions, you qualify as an active member. Benefits include those of Basic Membership, usage of our Mobilize feature, an opportunity for your name and photo to be listed on our member page (coming soon), and an Active Member chat room on our website (coming soon). 
  • Resistance Leader Membership. Chairs of committees, officers and Editorial Board members are Resistance Leader Members, as are members who donate in excess of $100 to Nasty Woman Press. Benefits include those of other member levels, with the addition of a Resistance Leader chat room (coming soon) and a free copy of the current anthology.
Philanthropic Memberships
  • Resistance Gold Circle. If you pledge financial donations up to $500 or work-in-kind to Nasty Woman Press, you will be included in the Resistance Gold Circle and will receive all other benefits and a thank you in the most recent anthology.
  • Persistence Gold Circle. Monthly pledges of $50 or more place you in our Persistence Gold Circle. You will receive all other member benefits plus a thank you in our two most recent anthologies and will be featured on our website.
  • Founders Gold Circle. If you would like to make a donation of $1000 or more to Nasty Woman Press before the release of our first anthology, you will be recognized in every anthology as a founding member and permanently featured on the website.
Become a member

Membership applications are reviewed by your fellow Nasty Woman Press staff and volunteers, and we will work as fast as we can!  Your approval and level of membership will be confirmed via email, and you’ll also be sent a log-in for use of the “Members Only” page of this website. 

Nasty Woman Press is a 501 (c)(4) non-profit organization, and as such, donations are not tax deductible.  This allows us to promote political advocacy for our viewpoints. 

We prize your freedom and your privacy. Your email will never be sold or divulged to any third party.